Sunday, October 30, 2011

Letter October 28, 2011

Yeah Elder Rodeback told me that his mom met you! Thats awesome. He isn't my companion but him and his companion are in my same bedroom. He is a cool dude..erm...i mean elder. Thats cool that the mission president's wife has a blog. Whenever I think of missions I think that they are totally against technology but i'm glad to see some progressiveness. The no caffeine thing is pretty valiant of you. Thats nuts. I hope your headaches go away soon. I'm fortunate enough to never have a headache when i stop drinking caffeine. They sell caffeine free mtn dew and dr pepper here at the mtc and it suffices my need for mtn dew but it just isn't the same. When you send the next package with the big coat, some more mtn dew would be awesome. :) I loved the last time.
I'm glad Marly likes getting letters. I kinda felt wierd about her getting all those letters at the same time but esta bien. I don't think Elder Call or Elder Dockstader are going to write her back though. They say that they felt wierd about it and i was like whatever. But if she only writes two back make sure she writes Rushton and Weight. Those guys are the coolest. And Rushton lives really close to Logandale, Nevada. So she could probs see him again.
Derek is talking! haha thats so cool. Its only been a month! I wonder if he knows more english than I know spanish. haha probably not, I can understand a lof of spanish. I wish I could just speak it better.
I will write to Grams and brandon! Thanks for the addresses. Could you find out if Brandon took my ukulele to wherever he went? if he didn't could you get it and send it to me? I miss it. And on PDays I have so much time to play it.
Anyways, my week has been pretty bland. Everyday is the same here, which is a good and a bad thing. The spirit is strong everyday. We are almost done learning all the grammar principles in our book which is crazy but really cool. We go over them so fast that it will be nice to have a couple weeks just to review what I missed or have forgotten.
I've been teaching lessons to "investigators" in spanish since day 3 and I really look forward to teaching. The other day me and my comp taught la ley de castidad to our investigator miguel who already has a baptismal date. He said that he is living with his girlfriend and he doesn't know if he could live the law of chastity. So I told him that if he prays about it he'll get an answer and he'll know that living chastity will greatly bless his life. So the next day we went to check up on him and he said that he wasn't going to move out of his girlfriends house. we got all bummed real quick. but then he said HE IS GOING TO PLAN A WEDDING! Me and elder dockstader practically jumped for joy! It was awesome. Our investigators are just our teachers acting like a real person that they taught while on their missions. Its fun.

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