Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4, 2011

Hola! I'm looking forward to a package! Hahaha Send the coat to Paraguay although I might never use it there. I have a lot of books and stuff that I have to take with me and I am not sure how i'm going to get all my stuff into my bags as it is. So the sweaters, two of them work really good. And I let one of the other elders in my district use one of them and I use a different one. And its crazy that you told me not to wash them because I totally almost did. But i didn't so, esta bien. I sometimes think of things I could use here and then totally forget to ask you about them. Anyways, mountain dew por favor. and a cameblack bladder. I will use it. I'm always dehydrated here and I don't know why. I play soccer for like 1 hour a day 3 times a week. Thats the extent of my physical exhertion.
I think its so funny that you are friends with Elder Rodeback's mom. He isn't my comp but he is in my room. Good guy. Haha yes, that phone call home will be good. I'll have to practice my spanish because everytime i get on the computer I plan to write something in spanish but then i forget everything. Just know that I do know a lot of spanish and I teach lessons to "investigators" every day in spanish. We have a thing here called "TRC" and every tuesday we go to a different building and teach lessons to volunteers who aren't pretending to be an investigator. They are just being themselves as members of the chuch but in spanish. most of them are returned missionaries. anyways, we teach them and they write feedback and last week me and my comp got a paper back that said "Thank you for bringing my closer to Christ through your lesson. Both of your spanish was great, especially Elder Johnson." That was a huge confidence booster for me! But I know that the Spirit was present in that lesson so I know it wasn't only me talking.
The empty fridge seems all too familiar. But you gotta love those PB and J's. I remember during my Junior year literally eating at least 4 of those a day. 2 right after XC practice in the morning and then 2 for lunch. Then I would usually come home and eat more after school. And I'm still only at 150 pounds. I have gained about 5 since I've been here so 155.
I just taught a lesson on the Sabbath day and it has strengthened my testimony on it. I love the day of rest. In spanish it is literally called " La dia de reposo" So yeah, although I think I appreciated it more during cross and track last year. Especially in my peak weeks of running 60 miles or more a week. That is when I appreciated sunday the most.
Anny! I will write you and Derek a letter this week. Probably today, so expect it in the mail monday or tuesday I think. I'm not really sure how fast the mail goes.
As for pictures, i'm glad you enjoy them. I will send my memory card of 200 plus pictures right before I leave the mtc. so like 3 weeks. 3 weeks!
I love you too mom and I look forward to this email all week. and I like your dear elders too.

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