Friday, October 14, 2011

October 14 Pictures!!

We also get a real letter in the mail today, the third one we have gotten, he writes individual stuff to those that have written him.  But, in this envelope, there were also pictures.  Enjoy. I included the captions that he had written on the back.  His companion is Dockstader, who is from Florence, AZ, small world.

Top L-R Bradley, Call, Rodeback, Dockstader
Bottom: Gillins, Sherwood, Lund, Johnson
The senior comps are standing, we switch at 4.5 weeks

The Elders in my Residence Room, we aren't supposed
to call them dorms.

All the members of District 35A Most going to Paraguay, 4 of them
going to Salta, Argentina.  The Hermanas from L-R are:
Willnaver, Jones, Applegate
My companion is the one on the far right.

My desk
Note from mom:  I'm surprised it looks so clean.

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