Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 18, 2012

Its all good. I was hoping that you just forgot or didnt get to it in time and werent mad at me for some reason. (Stacy says: my letter didn't get to him last week so he got nothing from his mom) Sadly, the cyber I am using this week isnt pretty sucky and expensive and the computer i am using doesnt work well enough to attach photos. My apologies. i have some sick photos of the temple too! I hope I can send them to you next week.

so yeah I have had a pretty good week. today we got to go to the temple and it was a great experience. I even understood it all in spanish! How cool is that. the only bad part was that it was like a 1 hour 30 minute sweaty bus ride in our suits to the temple and I hate busses. I didnt like busses in high school and the public transport here is worse. there are no bus stops, you just stand on the side of the road and flag a bus down. so the bus stops like every minute. and the people drive like maniacs so its like 100 miles and hour, 0 miles an hour every minute. it makes me wanna puke. but yeah the temple was awesome. the temple president is named president turley and he lives at signal butte and baseline. small world.

On sunday Jose finally got confirmed! what a miracle. He came to only sacrament meeting (like always) but he always learns a lot from sacrament meeting and always is like blown away and how much he learns. pretty cool. its pretty cool to see him learn so much and then to think about how much i didnt pay attention in sacrament meeting before my mission and how much i guess i could have learned. I love sacrament meeting nowadays, its just a good hour that you get to sit down in air conditioning and learn. There arent many times in the mission that the missionary gets to learn or sit in air conditioning so its a good time. And recently me and my comp made a calendar of everyday in the month to have members sign up to give us lunch. My first companion told me that the members dont feed us in this area and i believed him because i was new. when he left i made a calendar and gave it to the relief society president during church and after sacrament meeting she gave it back to me with everyday full with members and thier phone numbers. how legit! so now I have a lot of extra money hahah to buy snacks and stuff. but i started working out better this week too because i think i am getting fat. well at least my face. i am embarassed about some of the pictures i have of myself because my face is all fat. so i am cutting back on dulce de leche and drinking more water instead of soda.

I am getting pumped about general conference! another one of those times where us as missionaries get to sit in air conditioning and learn all day! but the morning session doesnt start till 1 in the afternoon which means preisthood doesnt start till 9 pm. haha that will be fun but i am going to be really tired. I can tell that I have been working really hard lately because when we turn the lights off at 10 30 pm i am asleep before 10 31. its amazing. but 6 30 always comes too fast.

today I got another letter from Josh burley about him quitting track. He was super busy and stuff so its understandable. I also got a letter from bo that he wrote me before i left the mtc. in the letter it says, i know you are in the mtc but i am going to send this to your mission and you will just get it when you get there. hahaha crazy. Oh and i got a letter from harley a couple weeks ago and sent one back to her.

Spencer is who you saw at the temple with Josh! He is going to Peru! thats so cool that he is going spanish speaking and yeah josh told me about Jace coming to my mission! I want to train him so bad, that would be so sick. My best friend from the mtc, Elder Call is training a new missionary right now! so crazy. but his nuevo is from argentina and was born in paraguay. haha so his comp speaks guarani and elder call told me today at the temple that it is super easy to get into a house when your comp can speak guarani.

that is it for this week, thank you for your letter and the pictures! I forgot how different the desert looks. haha here its all jungle like. and the picture of drew! he looks like he shaved his head because he didnt want his parents to know he was doing drugs! hahahaha but yeah i miss having my hair that short. i have to cut it all wierd like here.

I was thinking about track and field this week and i think i want to try and run at asu. they have sick uniforms and logos. and i like arizona too much to leave it again.



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 5, 2012

Haha you wrote mi amigos? Cool beans. They will like to hear about my milagros. Kallan and I can write letters for free since we are in the same area. South america south. But yeah he hasnt written me back yet for like 6 weeks. And the last letter I got was all in spanish (not really a problem) but it was filled with Argentina slang that I dont understand. But I got the gist (jist?) of what he was saying. 

This week went by so fast! It was like a blur! The big highlights of this week are:

On wednesday President Callan (mission president) came to one of our lessons with Jose! So cool! We taught the law of tithing and it was good to have a person with more experience with a career to explain the blessings of tithing. It was a great lesson. That day, wednesday, we also recieved 8 referalls from one person! This lady gave us the name to every person on her street! Hhahaha and we have contacted 3 of them and one of them is a progressing investigator now. 

Thursday I did divisions with Elder Clement. He is from St. George, Utah and is an assistant to the president. Dont ask me why the assistants wanted to do divisions with normal missionarys like us. Like, we dont have any leadership positions or anything. Wierd. But cool. I learned a lot. And Jose, our investigator who was closest to baptism, called us and said he wanted to move his baptismal date up from the 10th of march to the 3rd! 
Jose's baptism
Friday was crazy. We had one day to get everything ready for the baptism. We spent a lot of time in the chapel getting the font ready. It had been about 2 months since a baptism so we had to clean the nasty font. Then we had to fill it up with water and that took over an hour. But then we left to work and we had a final lesson with Jose at 7:30 and we were going to teach him the word of wisdom. The last lesson he needed before his baptism. He texted us at 7:20 and said that he had to leave and couldnt meet with us but that he would be at his baptism. We started freaking out a little bit. He had to know word of wisdom! So we asked our zone leader what to do because he was doing a division in our area. He said that we should call Jose and explain to him over the phone enough about the word of wisdom so that he understands what it is so that he could still get baptized on Saturday. So we went to our house to call him at around 8:20 and he answered and right away said that he was almost home and that we could come over if we didnt have anything to do. So we ran over to his house and taught him word of wisdom and went over the baptismal interview questions. We were at his house till almost 10! (dont tell president ;) ) We ran back to our house after that. 
Elder Palma, Jose, Elder Johnson

Saturday we had the baptism! So cool! He is such a good guy. He is going to be a great member. Now we are going to try to work with his family but his wife doesnt really ever want to talk to us. So we will see how that goes. 

It is good to hear from you mother! I love reading your emails! 

I am still in my same area with my new companion Elder Palma and we are loving life. We get along super well and are working well with members now. We even made a calender yesterday before church for members to sign up to feed us lunch and within an hour every day was full. 3 families volunteered to feed us every tuesday, wednesday and thursday of every month. So yeah, life is good. and the lunch we had yesterday was the biggest and best lunch I have had in paraguay. So freaking good. I wish I had had my camera. 

That is it from me this week!