Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21

Hahaha i'm so happy to be here! And I can't stop using the nacho libre quotes. They just flow out of me when i'm trying to speak spanish and I can't think of the word to use. Thats cool that you are being the cool mom, where was that a couple months ago? (5) Just kidding, you're a cool mom.
Thats cool about the race! That sounds super sick. I miss running so much. One of my teachers is trying to walk on to the BYU track team as an 800 runner. Thats nuts. You gotta be so fast to do that. And I think i've decided that after my year at MCC after the mish I might want to come to BYU and then teach spanish at the MTC. That would be the coolest job ever. I've got the coolest teachers in the world. I will try to walk on at BYU as a steepler. Not many teams have a guy that speacializes in the steeple so that could work for my advantage.
I don't have a lot of time today, sorry. But tell people to write me dear elders and I can write them back a hand written letter that night. Love you!
PS: did you like the pics i sent? I'll send more soon.

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