Monday, October 3, 2011

First Letter Home

I left the new baptism pants in the dryer but I have dad's old ones with me that will work with my white belt. Marly told me she figured out my voicemail password, it is ****. I sent home a real letter. It is way better to get mail than to get emails but I appreciate both. I really like the dear elder things. Lots of people get those everyday. and they print out the dear elders twice a day here so i could get mail twice a day potentially. I realized that i'm definitely going to need those shoes from so if you could order those and send them to me that would be great. I need a size 10 in the "tracting deluxe" shoe. plus i need insoles as well. Thank you!!!
The mtc is great! my spanish is coming along well and as i'm typing this I can't help but think about how to say it en espanol. And with the lack of vocabulary and the abundance in spanish accents, the nacho libre quotes can't help but be said. I don't know how long it is going to take until we all hate that movie but for now it is a good source of comic relief. Pretty much my daily schedule includes a couple hours of personal study, which i'm enjoying alot btw. An hour or so of companionship study and the rest is personal language study and classroom instruction. My teacher is hermano talataina. (pronounce all the vowels like this "tal-ahh-tah-eena") He is really cool. He refuses to speak english to us most of the time though. It is tough but i am understanding most of what he is saying.
My companion is named Elder Dockstader and he is from Florence, AZ! We lived like 20 minutes away from each other but never met. We even know some of the same people. He knows the chapmans from coolidge and Jake Tanner and Max McMillan. he is super cool and we get along really well. Other than that, nothing really is happening around here. Its kinda crazy to not know what is going on at home but Its also kinda nice not having to worry about anything but studying the gospel and spanish. Its fun.
Anyways, I love you all!
Elder Vance Johnson
PS: Tell people to write me letters. :)

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