Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 18, 2011

Oh yes my FBI clearance, thank you. I actually got my travel plans already so they were telling the truth when they said that they were going to let my travel without it. It was pretty funny to see my whole district get travel plans last night because everyone went nuts. And last night was the first time i felt like i am on a mission. These last 8 weeks (yeah its been 8) haven't felt like i was on a mission but now it is starting to feel that way. i'm pretty sure it will really set in once i actually leave. so i'm leaving provoat 2:20 pm on monday november 28th and then going to Dallas. In Dallas is probably the only chance i'm going to have to call home and my layover there is from 5:20 to 7:40 i think. So thats when i'm going to call home on Monday November 28th. Then after Dallas we head to Sao Paulo, Brazil and thats a 13 hour flight so we get there at like 9 in the morning or something and chill there for 4 hours and then fly the last two hours to Paraguay and get to pararguay at like 4 in the afternoon on Tuesday. Pretty crazy. I'm excited to go to Brazil but not excited to spend four hours in a country where everyone sounds like they are speaking spanish but I just can't understand it. We have a friendly (at times) relationship with the portuguese speakers here in the mtc. spanish and portuguese are so close to the same that we argue about which language is better. last night though i asked one of the portuguese teachers what I should say when I get to brazil and he said "yo quiero coshina" or something like that. I guess coshina (there is a tilde on that n) is a really good fried sugary dough ball or something. I'll try it i guess. maybe. So that has been the highlight of my week. Other than that this week was basically the same. my spanish is getting better still but very slowly nowadays. we are learning the subjunctive tense and it is difficult. its just more conjugations. and after reading what you wrote in spanish, mom, it looked really wierd to me for some reason and i couldn't figure it out but then i realized its because you were using the tu form and in the mtc we are taught not to because in the mission field you will always use the usted form. so thats all we practice. i know how to use the tu form though and it just looks like too many s's for me haha. and in spanish you laugh like this "jajaja" since there is no h sound it would just be "a a a a"

Katy and Tawny are still cheering? woah that seems like its been going forever. thats cool that they are going to California though. Florida would be so cool too though. I got letters from Drew, Dad, Sky, You, and marly this week so you all can expect a letter back. and if you are my friends reading this if you sent me a letter i'll send you one back today too.

Estoy animado por la oportunidad yo tengo compartir el evangelio con la gente de paraguay. ojala puedo dar un libro de mormon en el aeropuerto en texas o brazil jaja. probablemente no brazil. no se que decir. jaja. yo siempre olvido a decir cuando estoy en la computadora. estoy limpiando mis ropas ahora. yeah i really don't know what else to say. lo siento. i'll be able to speak better spanish on the phone.

les amo


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