Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11, 2011

Hola madre.

lo siento pero mi carta esta semana es solamente en espanol. jajaja solamente un chiste.  Translation: I'm sorry but my letter this week is only in spanish.  ha ha ha only joking.

So this week was pretty much the same as every other weeek. nothing really new to say. But! I have been in total spanish mode. This week in my district its consecration week, entonces i have only said probably 20 words in english all week. starting last monday. its pretty cool that i actually can survive here in only spanish. i love it. its been tough though. i can't really talk about things that don't pertain to missionary work because i don't know how. so i have been a little more dillegent this week because i didn't know how to talk about things that would get my off task. except for "yo quiero a dormir." i'm good at saying i want to sleep. but its been a good week. i had the chance to talk to actual non members this week! it was sweet. they were people interviewing for an "acting investigator" job here at the mtc and so us as missionaries were part of the interview process. its so tough to get a job here. so we asked them all these deep questions about there life like "what does love mean to you" "what do you think your purpose in life is" and "what do you believe happens after you die" remember this is only in spanish. so the catch was i wasn't allowed to teach them. i was only allowed to ask questions. that was way tougher than you think! all 3 that i talked to said that didn't know if there was a purpose to life and that nothing happened after you die! Its nearly impossibe to not start teaching them the plan of salvation! i tried to word my questions around so that it was like i was teaching them but it was tough with my limited amount of spanish knowledge. that experience was really eye opening and it heightened my desire to talk with people like that all the time. and another question i was supposed to ask them was "have you ever come in contact with the mormon church?" one person was like "never" and then i was like "where do you go to school?" and then she said "BYU" and i about said "abrie su ojos!" (open your eyes) but i didn't.

anyways, i got your letter madre and i will write back a hand written one today.

Before even reading this letter, I quickly replied, knowing he was sitting at the computer:

I love you so much!

Within moments I got this:

i love you too! jajajaja espanol.

Then I tried again:

It is like we are having a real conversation. I'm crying now!  (The tears were slowly falling down my cheek)

Then one more response from him:

no mas no mas. esta bien. yo voy a hablar con tu en como 2 semanas. no more, no more.  It is good.  I am going to speak with you in two weeks.  any news on my fbi clearance? i'm really getting off the computer for good now. lo siento. i need breakfast. le amo.

This mama started off her Veteran's Day on a good note!  Happy Veteran's Day.

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