Monday, December 5, 2011

November 25th - Last e-mail from MTC

Its all good. this week has been nuts and its tough to write people back. and yesterday was in field orientation and so i was busy all day. i'm thinking it will be even worse in the field and i'll acutally have to obey the rules and only write on p day. thats a rule here too. but its pretty grey. I did get the package! Thank you so much! hahaha i'm having fun with the tape recorder already. so do you guys have one too so that you can hear what i'm saying or what? are you going to send me tapes too?
Thats cool that thanksgiving went well. thanksgiving here in the ccm is crazy. all the meals on normal days are spread out pretty well so that everyone eats a different times and there usually isn't a huge line but here on thanksgiving everyone (almost) ate at the same time and the line for food went out the door into the hallway and that was crazy. when i finally got to the food, it was almost a let down. but it was good. the turkey made me really tired.
Drew will be fine haha. its better to be rounded in high school. just playing basketball might make him hate it eventually. but i don't ever feel that way with running and thats year round. hmmm, maybe he wouldn't. who knows. thats awesome that he is playing jv! tell him to make sure his grades stay up!
Thats too bad about Florida but football season feels like it should be over haha. it seems like is has been going forever. (I told him about his little sisters not going to Florida with the cheer squad).
anyways, yesterday was in field orientation where we sat in this big room with all the missionaries that are leaving this week and we learned about stuff that wasn't really taught in classes all day. like how to work with the members. that is a big thing that missionaries do and we never learn about how to do it till the end of your stay here. it was a long day but it wasn't all boring.
today is my final p day and then tomorrow i get released as zone leader. i don't know who is going to take over for me yet and i'm really interested.
all my friends who are on missions are doing fantastic. they are all great examples to me. i can't wait to get in the field and actually work! i don't feel like i'm on a mission yet so hopefully leaving the country will flip that switch.
Everyone is always saying "i can't wait to get back to real life" one of my teachers told me to think about real life and how trivial things outside are a mission are. The mission is real life. The mission is the only time that you know that you are doing exactly what the lord wants you to do all the time. I know the church is true. I love you all. The next email will be from PARAGUAY

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