Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9 Dad's letter

Its good to hear from you. I am glad to hear you got a lot of stuff done this week. I wish I had a gym membership here! haha. I was walking the other day and I saw what I think is supposed to be a public gym. But I doubt we would be able to use it. It was like one of those tiny ghetto ones you see in the movies that a kid starts to use and then becomes a great fighter or something. Like an underdog movie. Anyways, we only have 30 minutes to work out in the morning and like 10 of that is used to pray and put on our shoes to go outside and run one lap around a plaza in front of our apartment and then take off our shoes. Thats about 30 minutes. My comp really isnt the excersising type. But whatevs, I am enjoying not having to run forever everyday but I also am missing it a lot. Sometimes I wish I had a comp that was a distance runner and wanted to run ridiculous distances everyday like me but no. haha. 

This week was super super tough for me and my companion. We had only 8 lessons all week. The most we had in the first change (which i just finished!) was 14 but still only 8 lessons meant a lot of walking. We walked pretty much all day every day. And it keeps getting hotter and more humid here. I cant believe how much I am sweating. I come home every night at 9 and am dripping from my face and my clothes are soaked like i just got out of wrestling practice. Its tough. I usually take a cold shower and put clean garments on to sleep in.  

But yeah I have never walked so far in my life. Surely I have ran more miles in a week than i am walking right now but at least when I run it only takes 2 hours max and I do it early in the morning when it isnt so hot. As a new missionary I have 4 hours of studying everyday so we leave the house at about 1 everyday and that is when it gets the hottest and the people here take a "siesta" where they go home from work for a few hours to sleep and then they go back at 4 or 5 and work till 7 or 8. Its really retarded because if we set up an appointment with someone in those hours they wont answer the door when we get there or they wont want to meet with us because they say they need to rest. Its ridiculous. Its like 3 hours of clapping houses and getting rejected. 

Fast sunday was really tough for me too. Long long day. We got up at 6:30 like normal and we started fasting on Saturday at around 1. So sunday we get up and go to church. Church starts at 8. We had 3 investigators tell us that they were coming to church and all 3 didnt come. One of them had a brother from Argentina come into town without notice, one never woke up, and one who we have been teaching for a while now didnt come either and so we went to his house to pick him up and he heard us clapping and turned on some music really loud and wouldnt come to the door. And now he wont answer our phone calls. So frustrating. He even has a baptismal date. I dont know what to do with that guy. 

Its tough and a lot of time it sucks but i am not hating life. 

Next week if possible send me a "read the book of mormon in a year" schedule starting in February. We have a recent convert who wants one. But send it to me in an attachment becuase i cant go to other websites, Thanks!


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