Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2011

Ahahaha yeah as many times as I said it before, I know now that there really never was an uneventful week.

Thats so cool that you get to teach Book of Mormon. That is my favorite thing to tell people about. The only problem is that is what most of the people have problems with. But I still tell them all about the book of mormon every chance i get. Its so important because if we didnt have the book of mormon, our church would be nothing. Its crazy to see how attached some people are to there bibles here. We gotta ween them off a little bit and teach them to use both the book of mormon and the bible together to have the fullness of the gospel. 

This week for me and my comp was really tough. We walked pretty much all day every day and got rejected about 19,230,731,242 times. We even got cussed out in English by a paraguyan. The guy could barely speak english, it was so hard to understand. He called us wierd boys. That was so odd. I couldnt stop laughing at him. That made him more mad so he started walking toward us in an angry fashion so we just ran away. hahahahaha. oh good times. That was like when me and my comp were way past the point of being disappointed when we got rejected just because it happened so much that day. We almost expected it. But I try to stay excited and positive at each house.

Fast sunday was really tough this week. Its really tough when we are still expected to walk all day long. We start our fast on Saturday afternoon so that we can eat lunch on Sunday. Still tough. Our ward finally had a ward council meeting though! First one since i have here. The bishop had sandwiches and juice and stuff too. So funny. And so awesome. Tell dad he  should make sandwiches for ward council. haha. 

But yeah, not much more to say for this week. I have gone 6 weeks without drinking milk because i am scared of paraguayan milk but my comp finally convinced me to try it today. So we found skim milk in the super and bought it. What scares me is that it comes in a 1 liter box and it comes warm. Like you dont have to refrigerate it until it is open. I hate milk already and that is just gross. But i bought some and a box of paraguayan frosted flakes. So hopefully i am still alive next week. haha. 

If you have already sent me a package thats ok but if not please include some maple extract. Me and my comp make french toast every tuesday morning but we dont have good syrup. The syrup he makes is good but it kinda just sugar flavored. But if you already sent the package totally ok. I am excited to get some mail. 
The picture I attached today is basically the only cool picture I took this week. haha I really only took it to send to uncle eric. But yeah. 

Have a good week!!!

os quiero (vosotros hehe)


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  1. Sounds like Vance is doing great Stacy! You must be proud!! Love Ya!