Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2011 A letter to his dad

I can see how time off is good but a routine is good too haha. Thats cool that you got the stump out of the ground. That tree must have been deep if it snapped the tow strap! haha I am excited to see how the house will look in 21 months. Uncle Eric told me that it was tough to watch the Jazz play haha. But I thought that the NBA wasnt going to have a season this year? Check out the pics I attached, a member in my ward gave me that shirt and he had no idea who the phoenix suns were! But the first time I saw it I wanted it and once i got to know him better I told him I was from Arizona and that is a basketball team in arizona he gave it to me! haha. His name is Mario Borja and he is one of like 6 returned misisonaries in my ward. He served in the paraguay north mission. You will have to show drew the pics. I think he will like them. 

Thats cool that Rocky and Jana gave talks. I forgot that you were the one that assigns talks! is that fun? 

I really am feeling a lot more comfortable here now. There really is no language barrier anymore and now its just time to work. We are having a really hard time finding people to teach so if you want to help out with that, we could really use some prayers for us to find investigators. I take a lot of pics so i will probably be sending some home every week. 

I am really excited to study the book of mormon this year in church too. I have been studying it every day this week in personal study and my testimony is growing every day. I love it. I could read it all day long. In spanish or in english! haha. Sometimes it is cooler in english and sometimes cooler in spanish. Like the last verse in 2 nephi in english says "i must obey, amen." and in spanish it says more or less the same except the word for "must" and "should" are the same in spanish so its not as intense. Stuff like that. 

I love hearing from you guys! I am excited to email every week! 

The detail on the shirt is PHX Suns

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