Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012

I will get a letter to Grandpa today. I am on a computer that actually works really well today so I can get a lot more stuff done this week in one hour of internet. 

Thats so crazy how much you worked! N´dedah. That reminds me of working at the potato farm. Is drew old enough to do that this summer? He could probably go down and do a weekend or so with Kade. Ahh I miss Big Apple. Its so wierd that stuff is still happening like school ending even though I am here in Paraguay. About patriotism, I think that before my mission my patriotism was very low. Yeah america was cool but i wasnt about to wear an american flag shirt and a camoflauge hat. But being in Paraguay has made me realize how freaking cool America really is. Like, everything about America is so cool. If I had an American flag shirt here, I would wear it everyday. I wrote in my journal in my first change that my mission has made me more patriotic already. That was when I was hating paraguay but now I am used to it and I am actually really enjoying my time in the dirty south now. I miss Chick Fil A so much. Sometimes when we have meetings in the office they feed us chicken sandwiches that are really close to a chick fil a sandwich but really nothing can compare. Nikki is getting married!? Ho0o0oly cow. 

So this week here in lambaré was super tranquilo. We didnt have any crazy miracle lessons but we worked really hard and had fun. We actually had a huge disappointment. The golden investigator family, The D. Family, kinda crashed. We taught the law of chastity and found out that they arent married but have lived together for 6 years and have kids together and that the hermana is still married to her old husband that she left 10 years ago. So here in paraguay to get a divorce and get remarried is one of the most difficult things to do and if you are a woman it is even harder. A woman who gets divorced has to wait for the least 300 days to get remarried depending on the circumstances. So yeah, that family will get baptized someday just probably not while I am here in this area. We are still going to keep working with them and they are still progressing, slowly. 

I also gave a talk in sacrament meeting about José Smith yesterday which was pretty cool. Its kinda wierd how before my mission when I had to give a talk I would write out every single word and then just read it from the pulpit. But here on my mission I just write an outline and just talk for like 10 minutes. Its so wierd how its so easy to give talks now for me. Its not even in English and its easy. 

Sadly, I dont have any photos but I do appreciate the photos that you sent me! I love getting pictures! If you haven´t sent a package yet you can consider including printed photos so that I can show investigators/members. They like to see photos. 

Thank you and I love you! 


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