Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 14, 2012

Thank you mommy for the money! I will go and buy the coat today if I can. Last night was super cold, but during the day it is pretty hot.

I loved talking to you on Skype! but 40 minutes is super short! The time went by way too fast. I know that I have learned a lot about how to deal with tough situations with this companion and know how to be more tranquilo when things dont go as planned.

Bueno, yesterday we had stake conference and it was super cool! We went with an investigator in his truck and we brough another investigator with us! 2 investigators in a stake conference that is at a chapel that isnt the normal one! (That doesnt happen here) After stake conference our investigator Osvaldo invited us over for Asado and we ate Asado and Mandioca with his family so that was cool. But then afterwards it was just like a normal sunday, mostly unsuccessful. Monday and Tuesday here are holidays and the people dont work on Sunday so that means 3 days to get drunk and they got started early yesterday. No one was home and the people that were, were drunk. But its all good!

Then this morning we had a district activity! We only can have district activities once a change and we went to Cerro Lambaré today. Its a big hill with a statue at the top and you can see all of Lambaré from the top. It was pretty fun. I am tired now though. Tomorrow is the last day of this change and Wednesday is changes so next week I will probably have a new companion! I hope i get to train. I want to train an american though. I am bored of Latin companions. 

Tell Tobie Rash to write me again! :)

I love you mom! Thank you for your email every week!



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