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January 23, 2011

Mom - You just barely made it in time! Hahaha I laughed when I opened the email and it said that you had written in 28 minutes ago. Close call. Sorry about the pictures this week, nothing that cool happened so there arent any pictures with me in them. I have another one from McDonalds but it is just about the same as the last one.

DEREK HAD A SEIZURE! Crazy! I am glad to hear he is doing ok. That is so scary. I totally forgot that right about now is Super Bowl time. No one talks about it here and it so freakin hot that i forgot that it was football season. Marly changed her hair color? El Sueño de Lehi is one of my favorite stories from the Book of Mormon. I love how it can basically be "likened" (1 ne 19:23) to any part of life. There is a really cool picture of Lehis dream in the October ensign that is all about the Book of Mormon. Is Drew going to run track? He should, and he should run the 3200. He would win.

So this week was kind of uneventful. Me and my comp walked a lot. We only have about two investigators that are progressing and so we dont have a lot of set lessons. And one of our progressing investigators only wants to meet with us on Saturday nights. Our other Investigator is named Jose Avila and he is 42 years old but he looks like he is 25. He is super cool, he plays soccer for 2 hours a day with his 19 year old son! We are teaching him and he had fecha for the 28th of January to be baptized but he didnt come to church this sunday and you need 3 times in the church before we can baptize them. So his fecha got moved to the 4th of February. We talked to him and he knows he should have came but said he had a problem that he couldnt avoid. We have a lesson with him tonight. We taught him Law of Chastity last time we taught him and it was a relief to find out that he is actually married to the woman that he has lived with for the last 20 years. Sometimes we meet people who have families and have been together forever it seems and just never got married. It sucks because they dont see a reason to get married so that is something that stops people from getting baptized. Two of our investigators told us to stop coming this week too. So sad. One of them said that the lady that he is living with and has two kids with but not his wife doesnt want us in her house. Which is super gay. He called her his Dueño (landlord kinda feel). Super wierd guy. He avoided us like 3 times before he got the courage to sheepishly ask us not to come back. 

I had my first interview with Presidente Callan on Wednesday. That was interesting. It was like 10 minutes and we didnt talk about much. He asked me how I can improve my work ethic because we can always be better and how sacrifice is the key to exaltation. It was interesting. I couldnt tell if he was trying to tell me something like that I needed to sacrifice more or just telling me to tell me. I will study sacrifice more I guess. 

Josh Burley wrote me an email (that i am not allowed to write back to) and said that he hadnt forgotten about me but that he gave you pictures and letters to send me like a month and a half ago and that you waited to send them to me in the package. Is this true?

If Tobie Rash and Carly Blair are reading this I got your letter(s) and I am going to send you both a letter back tomorrow (1/24/12) and so you can expect that around st patricks day. Asi es la vida en Paraguay.

Cool thing that happened this week is I found a place to buy a huge Ice cream cone with three scoops for only 2 mil! and 2 mil guarani is like less than 50 cents. and this place has kiwi ice cream! KIWI! And waffle cones. So good.

Anyways, I think that is it for this week!

Les Quiero,


P.S.  Oh yeah, I already have some guarani words ingrained in my vocab that will be really hard to get out. First, every time that I would normally say "Dang!" or "Dang it!" I now say "Deda, Chori She'ra!" Which is basically the equivelant in guarani. But I have heard that that saying is really bad if you say it just a little differently. The word "cori" is really bad in Guarani I guess. I have only heard it once and the dude was really angry with us. But I hear Chori like every day.

Oh yeah and its really funny the way paraguayans talk. They add the words "un poco" after a lot of sayings and it doesnt even really make sense. Por ejemplo yesterday me and my comp clapped a house and no one came out but the windows were open and everything and the next door neighbor was sitting in front of her house so I asked her "hola hermana, ¿usted sabe si alguien esta aqui? (do you know if anyone is home here?) and she said "no se un poco" which literally means "I dont know a little". hahahaha oh paraguayans. And they put the words no mas after every single sentence it seems.

Eso no mas :) 
Dad - I am glad you like the pics, I am going to try and include some pics in every email. But this week this pictures are kinda lame. Nothing really cool happened. That is so scary that Derek had a seizure.

Thats cool that you are enjoying your runs. I miss running so much. My comp doesnt like to run so we sometimes get up and go run but when we do it is only for like 2 minutes around a park one lap. Just enough to wake us up. I wish we had more time for stuff like that. But it is super uncomfortable for me to work out in Garments so one lap is ok for now. Sometimes I do ab workouts but I am getting lazy too.

That is crazy that Drew yelled at his coach. I can see it though, it doesnt surprise me too much. I remember wanting to yell at coaches before for making decisions that I didnt think were right. That all changed pretty much when I started running because i pretty much only focused on me. haha that sounds pretty selfish but that is one of the things i liked a lot about track and cross country. I only had to worry about myself and my workouts. 

That would be sweet to go back to Reavis Ranch! I was just talking to my companion about Reavis the other day. We talk about so much random stuff. We arent getting a lot of lessons right now so we walk and talk a lot. Just about everything. I think I know my comp better than a lot of my good friends just because we talk about anything and everything. It has been pretty boring this week. 

It is so nice not to be one of the newest missionaries in Paraguay anymore. We have two missionaries in my district right now that are newer than me and it is pretty cool to know how to be a missionary and speak the language better than them. That might sound mean but i am trying to help them. 

One thing, My comp and the other Elders in my ward are basically always with us and they take a lot of photos and I have really no way of getting photos from them. Do you think you could buy me a jump drive and send it to me like in a padded envelope or something. My comp is leaving this area in about 4 weeks ( we are guessing, he has been is this area for over 6 months now) and I would really like to have his pictures. And another elder in my ward has a bunch of mission appropriate music that I would love to have too. He just barely got to this area so he wont be leaving soon but I would really like to have his music. And then there are music players for cheap here that you can plug your jump drive into and play music in your apartment. Maybe just an 8gb or a 16? That would be so cool. I wish I would have remembered to ask for it before mom sent the package. 




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