Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

I can believe its February haha. This is the hottest month of the year so i have heard and the last week or so has sure shown it. I have been sweating so much in the last couple days. Its nuts. Its just so humid that its impossible not to sweat. But luckily I dont sweat as much as my poor companion. He carries around a paper towel all day long and is always wiping off his face. A crazy paraguayan told us that if we drank lemon juice we wouldn't sweat as much. Its a myth. I still sweat and I drink straight up lemon juice every morning. Just a capful because I cant stomach much more.

I did take out some money from my account a while ago but I don't remember exactly how much was in there. I was sure that there was enough though. I thought I had enough. Sorry about that. I dont think
Inside of scripture case
I will need to take out any more personal money for a while. I bought a missionary tag in Guarani, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in guarani is "Hesu Kristo marangatukuera arapahapegua" and some scripture cases. Both of which havent been delivered to me yet. (Stacy says:  He got his scripture case delivered so I'm inserting the pictures here)

Yeah, Dad told me that you guys watched a dog for a little while and I could not believe that you let a dog in our house! But thats cool. I have decided that I never ever want a dog now though. I didnt really
want one before but after being here in Paraguay and seeing like 2,304,972,342 stray dogs a day and all of them just barking your ear off when you are trying to do a contact is just so frustrating. I hate all
the dogs here. But its kinda funny because the paraguayans hate them too. So they throw rocks at them and so if you want a dog to get away from you all you have to do is pretend to pick up a rock and it will run away really fast.

Thats cool that Drew had a good season. He told me he was going to write me a letter on Christmas and I still havent received it...

Thats crazy that Marly already got asked to Prom! But that is pretty cool the way that dude did it. Have I met the guy?

Inside of scripture case
Dad and Sky went camping just the two of them? Thats cool. I want to go camping. Thats crazy about the cluff girls! I remember in 7th grade we needed our ID card to buy lunch and so on the days that I forgot my
ID card I would go to the lunch line where Allie worked and should would let me buy lunch with just my number. hahaha. that was a long time ago. But David Barushok (?) let me do that too. They both worked
in the cafeteria at smith.

Thats cool that you and dad ran so far! I miss running so much. My companion doesnt like to run and so we only do enough running everyday to wake us up. Like 5 minutes at the most. And I think I am getting
fat so I need to do more. We have a rope in the house so I think after we run i am going to jump rope a lot.

This week in my studies I studied patience. Patience is what I needed to have to endure this week. Our week was really slow with not many lessons. We recieved a lot of references (over 70 in the last two
weeks) from people but only had 8 lessons. So I studied the patience and have learned a lot. I wish I had my study journal with me right now so I could put down some key scriptures that I found but I dont. I read the talk "Waiting upon the Lord: Thy will be done" from Conference and learned a lot too.

So like I said, the week was really slow. Nothing too grand happened. I did receive letters from Josh and Sister Burley and will be sending those out as soon as possible. I have zone conference tomorrow and
tuesday is usually when I send out letters so I dont know if I will be able to send them tomorrow. And I have not received any packages thus far but I am going to the office tomorrow so I might get it tomorrow.
I am not totally sure that they will actually give it to me tomorrow because we usually have to pay to recieve packages but I will know for sure that I got it tomorrow I think. Then I will pay for it tomorrow and get it next tuesday.
Les Quiero!!!

Elder Johnson

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